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Online webinar Scrum Master training

Scrum Masters are the soul of software development teams and projects through their hardcore methodological knowledge. In spite of being “non-technical” people, their supporting role makes Scrum Masters highly capable of creating value for stakeholders and their teams.

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Modular Scrum Master training

If you choose this type of training, first you’ll receive a Problem Map. After meeting and interviewing you, we will prepare a map listing your current thematic challenges and work issues and our recommendations of methods and modules providing solutions for them. We’ll help you choose modules answering your most pressing issues, teach and help you apply them immediately. We’ll only coach when it’s convenient for you and only as much as you need for a particular problem.

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We will strengthen your IT team with a tested, energetic Product Owner or Scrum Master through our modular training. These are not 2-day high-speed training sessions, but 15-20 occasions long, effective trainings that determine the leading edge in Hungary.

About us

About us

We built this school to put junior Scrum Masters on the market with a solid foundation of methodology and practices so they can (!) create value even if they’re only starting at a company.

Being a Scrum Master is not a junior position. It’s important to understand that even though they have no formal power, their impact is felt throughout the organization.

There is a sad reality we see everywhere: average Scrum Masters being trained through crash courses within a day or two. After a few hours of learning they pass an exam, get certified with a course-guaranteed (!) 98% success rate and then everyone gets disappointed.

Not only do we strictly pre-select and train quality junior (not their age, but their experience) scrum masters, we invest time and energy in market education as well. This way companies have the opportunity and (!) the wisdom to find a truly competent workforce and build the environment required for these people to operate at their best.

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We are the only Scrum Master School with an intensive 30-day training. Train hard, fight easy!

Who is a Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master is the engine of the development team and an ambassador for the Agile methodology.

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