5 levels of Agile planning

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The essence of Agile planning is to work continuously on product development at five well-defined strategic levels. ”We’ve thought it all through, we’ve planned it all, and here’s the specification we’ve written. There is no need to think, it just needs to be made.” – This approach goes against Agile in every aspect. The ultimate […]

Job description versus reality

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It is generally good to have a job description. This job description usually comes in two different forms. It is either 1. incredibly detailed, or 2. very crude and full of elastic rules: “…and anything assigned by the manager…”. Let’s call it a “flexible” job description.


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The mission of SM A good Scrum Master has a highly versatile personality, as his work is quite complex and mixed. A Scrum Master must be able to deal with all kinds of actors in a project or organization at the same time, while he / she needs to help and support team members so […]