Start a new career:
become a SCRUM MASTER!

If you want a better life, forget what you think about project management. Be the engine of creativity in the development team!

Apply for a joint 6-week intensive training of Scrum Master School and PROGmasters and we’ll give you a profession that can beef up your standard of living.

Start: August 31, 2020

Apply and if you pass the exam you’ll receive 5 hours of extra mentoring time free of charge worth of 60,000 HUF!

Installment payment possible.

Price: 675,000 HUF gross, which includes an international CSM (Certified Scrum Master) exam.

What does a Scrum Master do?

A Scrum Master is the soul of the software development team. You are not required to be a technical person, the value of this profession manifests itself in other ways.

Scrum Masters remove organizational and operational barriers around teams. They represent and teach the Agile methodology while supporting their team to work on valuable tasks only without fatigue and burnout.

The Scrum Master has also the broadest knowledge of Agile. He is constantly researching and developing methodological practices, introduces them to the team. To make the methods work and to protect its results Scrum Master can tell anything to anyone at any time. This is no small responsibility. Diplomacy and an analytical mind is needed just as the servant leadership attitude.

The wage of an experienced Scrum Master rivals easily the wages of developers and managers.

We are the only SM school, that provides an intense 30-day training. Train hard, fight easy!

Who is a Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master is the engine of the development team and an ambassador for the Agile methodology.

Budapest, 1056, Irányi u. 3

(The location of the courses may change)