You need a Scrum master, but it's just too expensive?

We’ll train you one!

We’ll help you set up a recruitment campaign and pre-select the most suitable candidates. With the selected few we’ll continuously train and test and after just 6 weeks we’ll hand over your fresh Scrum Masters with quality assurance.

The problem:

You are forced to take a risk. Today the market offers 8-900,000 HUF for a Scrum Master. It does it without requiring quality assurance. Headhunters are asking for a 2.7 M + VAT hiring fee while all the risk is still yours.

The solution:

Eliminate risk. Find a handful of talented, mid-wage people from any sector of your own choosing and we will train them for you. Within 6 weeks of training they will reach quality assured Level 1.

Scrum Master Level 1:

With this knowledge a Scrum Master can lead an agile team with confidence, while improving the team’s performance and agile skills from sprint to sprint. It is not yet time to assign to them organizational transition responsibilities.

What we offer:

Trainees will work with real-life teams whether you choose to have the course physically at your company, our school, or online.

A Scrum Master’s headhunter fee covers the quality-assured parallel training of 4 people.

After six months of practice, we level up your diligent and talented Scrum Masters. The investment of a single person will pay off within 6 months.

If you train two of them, payback time is the same as their trial period. Headhunter prices will diminish. This means saving serious cash. Your graduated Scrum Masters can pass the international CSM exam if you like them to.

Our professional reputation is at stake when we select and train your candidates - you will have Scrum Masters with applicable knowledge and our quality-assurance.

How it works


We help you with the recruitment campaign to get hardworking people willing to learn


We pre-select the candidates with Attitude and Personality tests and interviews


We continuously train them


Level 1 within six weeks


The ones who cannot pass the test, won’t be recommended to your program

We are the only SM school, that provides an intense 30-day training. Train hard, fight easy!

Who is a Scrum Master?​

The Scrum Master is the engine of the development team and an ambassador for the Agile methodology.

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(The location of the courses may change)